Traveling towards Inspiration

Traveling almost always provides me with a wealth of inspiration to take back to my design practice.  I was surprised by this lovely elevator floor on a recent trip to Kauai - it is an intricate pattern of hibiscus flowers with a 'woven' border made entirely of limestone. So warm, and pretty, and perfectly appropriate for Hawaii.  Fortunately my husband is accustomed to my insistance that I photograph whatever strikes me as a beautiful addition to my 'Inspiration File.' 

Most often I'm drawn to the smaller details in my surroundings - like the details on this iron fence at the royal residence in Norway. We are often called upon by clients to create a special detail for stair or terrace railings and it's nice to have images of actual rails to for inspiration.

Last year found us returning to Iceland for a vacation (we lived there many years ago.)  It was lovely to revisit the country and explore the many changes since we left.  I stumbled across this home as we wandered through the capital city of Reykjavik.  I found this house sized portrait so charming.  I wondered about the story behind the painting.  Who is it?  Who painted it?  I'm looking forward to incorporating some quirky portraiture in a future design project!

Sometimes it's nice to just stand back and observe how different shapes interact with each other and with the light.  Inside this lighthouse in Virginia Beach I was captured by the light and shadow, the curves, and the repetition of the paned windows and stairwell.  The hard edges, the bright blue of the sky, and the texture makes this feel like art to me.  


Design magazines and books are wonderful resources for jumping off points for design projects - but remember to look around you for unusual ideas.  For me traveling is all about learning about and observing my destination and sometimes that can be the best source of inspiration.


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